In 2018, Canopy Creative Think Tank,a locally grown and operated branding agency, approached Clayton’s Mayor looking for a way to be involved in the Town’s 150th anniversary. The community had designed a logo back in 1969 for our Centennial. Canopy took on the task of crafting one for the Sesquicentennial. Their vision was to build a time capsule of sorts - something that would represent the rich history of the town with a modern, future-focused design approach. From our agricultural past to our biotech future and all the talking trees in between, Canopy incorporated 150 years of excellence into a mark that we can all be proud of. 




The first step in any good brand is identifying the key components that make up the culture of the company, item or idea being branded. Canopy spent weeks researching Clayton’s rich history, meeting with town officials, the town historian and exploring the archives of the local library, in an effort to cohesively tell the story of Clayton in one unique mark.



Initial Sketch & Design

After the objectives were defined and a design approach was decided upon, Canopy went into the sketch phase. These quick, loose drawings planted the seed for the final project by allowing the ideas to flow freely without the confines of focusing on the minute details. After sketching out a rough comp of their approach, the team started building out the individual elements that would ultimately become the 150 Year logo.



Final Design


Once the initial design was completed, Canopy presented their vision to the Mayor’s Sesquicentennial Advisory Board. After reviewing their changes and working to ensure that all voices were heard, the design was finalized.


The Details


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